positive energy always creates elevation

Welcome to my page. My name is Kristiano Karibu and I am very exited to share my approach and insights about Yoga, Strength Training and Nature Skills.

As a teenager I spent 3 years in the wilderness of Italy, learning about tribal life and how to survive without modern technology.

In 2011 I took my first yoga class at the Barcelona Yoga conference. From there I started a regular practice and discoverd the many life changing benefits coming from yoga. Years later after countless hours of home practice, Workshops and Trainings I started teaching in studios around Europe.

Another source of power is my strength training. There is magic in lifting heavy weights and I believe it is essential to stay strong and vibrant. We all know the endless good things that happen to as when we train, sweat & challenge ourself to stay in the best shape possible.

Right now I am based in the woods of Austria, I build myself a camp-area to focus more intense on training and study. From time to time I do organzine Workshops and retreats and so I am looking forward to share and train together.

For daily inspiration find me on instagram